Our Kokonati Story

Our brand was born of our love for the two beautiful ‘island’ countries we call home, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and New Zealand. pure Ceylon...
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Bulk sourcing and supply of organic coconut products and any Sri Lankan tropical produce Private branding - OEM Services Specific packaging options...
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Coconut History

In 1519 Antonio Pigafetta, a nobleman from Venice wrote, “Coconuts are the fruit of the palm trees. And as we have bread, wine, oil, and vinegar. . .
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  • I tasted the coconut butter, coconut nectar, wild kithul treacle and coconut jam today at green soul organics and they are amazing. So delicious. My favorites being the coconut jam and wild kithul treacle. And the kokonati coconut oil is fantastic. I've so far cooked with it and oil pulled. I'll definitely be recommending the products. A must on my shopping list. Thanks guys

  • I bought a small bottle of your toasted Coconut Butter and we finished it chop chop!
    It is DELICIOUS!!!! I went back and bought 2 more big bottles.!!!

  • A facebook post -  I've gotta share. A friend returning from New Zealand last year brought me a gift: a bottle of Kokonati Treacle. As my friend suggested, I poured it onto some plain Greek yoghurt and it was amazing. The taste is at once sweet and yet not really sweet. Kind of nutty and like caramel but not so obvious. It has a delicate aftertaste that reminded me of the nectar of jungle-flowers! In my excitement to get another bottle I bought a cheaper brand from a local Asian grocery and it tasted like burnt syrup! You can imagine my delight when I discovered your products retailing at my local grocer here in Melbourne. This morning I used it on my muesli instead of honey and it tasted delicious. Pouring it on pikelets is next. I'm going to experiment. I also bought a bottle of your virgin coconut oil. Haven't cooked with it yet but it smells amazing. Can't wait for my next stir fry.

  • The best flavour! I love the vinegar, oil and coconut flakes Delicious.

  • Nice & clean treacle. Enjoyed it very much.

  • way to go, you can use it anywhere you like, not only food. love their products

  • A big thank you for the beautiful coconut oil, we are so happy with it and feel privileged to have so much! Cheers.

  • My daughter has coeliacs disease (strictly gluten free diet required). I have found it difficult to source gluten free desiccated coconut for baking. I have your thread coconut which I bought from Farro It was surprising to me that it should be so hard to find gluten free coconut, that was produced in a gluten free facility so thank you very much for your confirmation - it is much appreciated.  Thank you,

  • Great to find a NZ source of proper cinnamon. Interesting that the so-called ‘health stores’ in New Zealand sell the cheaper cassia. However, I respect my liver…Thanks

  • Thank you so much for the package of lovely treats that arrived this morning!  Lots of new products for us to try which I am certain will become firm favourites in no time.  ,  we will be sure to keep enjoying your wonderful products. There is a lovely selection of Kokonati products at Wise Cicada which is very close to us.Kindest regards,

  • Mr Lu certainly likes cinnamon sticks! rgds

  • While I continue to chomp through my cinnamon and Kithul treacle on porridge every morning, I would like to start using your Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking.I find your coconut vinegar tasty over salads; not as harshly acidic as standard white vinegar.

  • I've just received the order.  Very prompt service!

  • definitely tastes a lot better than other oils I have used, and the colour also is a nice white while others are 'greyish'..thanks for the great customer service :)

  • Thank you very much for the bottle of kithul treacle. What great service!

  • I appreciate your replying and it is reassuring to know you go to such lengths to see your product is of the highest quality. Great the oil is not hydrogenated!

  • Thanks so much, I am delighted with your reply to my inquiry, my son had extensive tests & a coconut challenge which he passed so we know it's safe for him to eat your dried coconut . Thank you for your in-depth reply in regards to coconut, that is very thorough of you. Kind regards

  • Very pleased with the cinnamon Many thanks

  • Clean taste and fresh aroma.

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