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Natural King Coconut Water 300ml

Our latest addition to the kokonati range is King Coconut water in 300ml glass bottles – tastes amazing chilled!


The king coconut is indigenous to the tropical island of Sri Lanka, where it is consumed fresh off the tree. The tree grows freely and in abundance without human intervention on the island where it is loved by Sri Lankans for its ability to replenish the body – preventing dehydration. King coconut water naturally contains electrolyte levels so close to that of blood plasma, that it has been aptly named the ‘king’ of all coconut varieties making it the premium source of natural hydration yet to be discovered.

Studies show that a single serving of king coconut water contains more potassium than a banana, has a better composition of calcium and magnesium than an orange and just the perfect sweetness for it to be the trusted hydrant of Sri Lankan islanders for centuries past.


Now bottled in all its natural wholeness, with no added preservatives King Coconut water is a refreshing drink that you can easily get addicted to!

  • The Ultimate Hydrator from hand Picked king coconut
  • The fastest way to get potassium into your body
  • More calcium & magnesium than an orange
  • No Fat or Cholesterol
    No Dilution, 100% coconut water


Ingredient – Contains less than 1% of cane sugar, with vitamin C and sodium bisulphate to enhance the keeping properties of the coconut water in its journey from its native ‘ tropical’ land of Sri Lanka to our New Zealand shores.
Priced at a very competitive retail price of $ 4.00 (incl GST ) per 300ml bottle it is a drink that is a very healthy alternative to the other highly sweetened, artificially modified coconut beverages that are flooding the market now.

Weight     1 kg

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